Here's what's included in this course:

  • 2 hours of on demand and downloadable video tutorials

  • Step by step decluttering and organizing education

  • Complete breakdown of the four Clutterbug organizing styles

  • Lifetime access to downloadable videos, printables and exclusive training

  • Certification as an Organizational Specialist™

  • Ongoing education and support through private Facebook group

  • Tutorial for starting your own organizing business

Here's what you'll learn

  • Organizing Styles

    You will discover the four different organizing styles and how to create functional and beautiful space for each unique type of "Clutterbug".

  • Organization from A-Z

    You will learn everything you need to know to become an organizing expert including how to declutter, sort, label and create more storage.

  • Start a Business

    This course will cover how to take your newfound organizing expertise and turn it into a thriving and profitable career as an organizing expert.

Get Certified

Become a Certified Organizational Specialist™

You will receive both a certificate upon completion of this course, which will certify you as an Organizational Specialist™
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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Session 1 - Introduction
    Show details
    • Welcome to Clutterbug's Certified Organizational Specialist™ Online Course
    • Introduction - Meet Cas from Clutterbug
    • How To Use This Course
    • Join the Facebook Support Group
  • 02
    Session 2 - Where to Start
    Show details
    • Where To Start Organizing Your Home
    • Session 2A - How To Organize Your Bedroom
    • Bedroom Decluttering Guide
    • 21 Item Toss List - Garbage Bag Therapy Checklist
  • 03
    Session 3 - What Clutterbug Are You?
    Show details
    • Take the Clutterbug Personality Test
    • What Clutterbug Are You?
    • Clutterbug Organizing Quiz PDF Downloadable Version
    • What Clutterbug Are You Ebook
    • One Shelf Organized 4 Different Ways
    • The Clutterbug Philosophy Quiz
  • 04
    Session 4 - S.P.A.C.E Organizing Technique
    Show details
    • Get Organized Using the S.P.A.C.E. Technique
    • How to Organize Step-by-Step Process
    • Session 4A - Micro vs Macro Sorting
    • Organizing Planner
    • S.P.A.C.E. Quiz
  • 05
    Session 5 - Decluttering
    Show details
    • Purging Obstacles
    • Overcoming Purging Obstacles PDF
    • Session 5A - The Why Behind Your Clutter
    • The Abc's Of Clutter
    • Clutter and Mental Illness
    • Wallet Reminder
    • 30-Day-Decluttering-Challenge
    • 30 Day Decluttering Challenge Video Links
    • Purging Obstacles Survey
  • 06
    Session 6 - Finding Homes for Homeless Clutter
    Show details
    • Finding Homes for Homeless Clutter
    • Homeless Clutter Challenge
  • 07
    Session 7 - Organizing Paper
    Show details
    • Session 7 - Paper
    • Organize Your Paperwork
  • 08
    Session 8 - The Power of Habit
    Show details
    • Session 8 - Power of Habit
    • Night Time Cleaning Routine
    • Full Decluttering Guide
    • Weekly Zone Cleaning Checklist
    • Chore List For A Busy Family
  • 09
    Session 9 - Productivity and Lists
    Show details
    • Session 9 - Productivity & Lists
    • Goal Setting Printables
    • To-Do Lists and Planning Printables
  • 10
    Session 10 - Meal Planning & Day Planning
    Show details
    • Session 10 - Meal Planning & Day Planning
    • Meal Planning Full Printable Pack
  • 11
    Session 11 - Organizing Challenges
    Show details
    • Session 11 - Organizing Challenges
    • Organizing Challenges Infographic
    • Session 11A - How To Get Your Family To Help
  • 12
    Session 12 - How to Start Your Own Business
    Show details
    • Session 12 - How to Start Your Own Business
    • Steps to Starting Your Own Organizing Business
    • Quick Canva Tutorial
  • 13
    Session 13 - Tools of the Trade
    Show details
    • Session 13 - Tools of the Trade
    • Session 13B - Labels are Magic
    • Download Your Custom Labels Now
    • How to Customize Your Labels
  • 14
    Session 14 - My Inspirations
    Show details
    • Session 14 - My Inspirations
    • Organizing Inspiration Links
  • 15
    Session 15 - Organize a Client's Office With Me
    Show details
    • Session 15 - Client's Office
  • 16
    Session 16 - FINAL EXAM
    Show details
    • Final Thoughts
    • Certification Do's and Don'ts
    • Join the mailing list for the next online marketing course!
    • Final Exam
  • About Cas

    Your Instructor

    Hi! I'm Cas from Clutterbug. I have a successful YouTube channel, blog, podcast and four best selling organizing books. I've also hosted HGTV's Hot Mess House. I have helped millions of families get clean and clutter-free. I can't wait to show YOU how to become an organizational expert too!

    Cassandra Aarssen

    Owner of Clutterbug


“I've never been an 'online learner'. I'm much more a 'hands on learner'. Cassandra's course kept me engaged the entire way through. The testing throughout ensured I was retaining info. Her before and after pictures, labels, videos were all very helpful for my learning style. I learned that I'm a Ladybug...with a bit of cricket...and even some bee. I have already implemented some of her teachings in my own home, and homes of the clients I work with. I would HIGHLY recommend this course. Whether you are wanting to declutter and organize your own home, or start your own organizing business, this is a fantastic course.”

Owner of "The Honey Do's"

Leanne Cochrane - "The Queen Bee"

“This course was so helpful! The thing I love most about the way Cas teaches is that she breaks everything down into manageable steps - one room, drawer or habit at a time. If you feel like you’re always trying to get organized but you get too overwhelmed with the mess, this course is perfect for you. I often don’t know where to begin on my own house or with clients and, just as Cas promises, this course gave me the confidence I needed to feel like a true “Organizing Expert!” The videos are engaging, easy to follow and so motivating, I was organizing and cleaning my own house before even finishing the course! Plus there are dozens of PDFs and printables for everything she teaches that you can use to implement changes in your own home or with clients. From cleaning routines to goal setting and even meal planning, this course has everything I needed to get my own life organized and feel more confident helping my clients in their home.”

Owner of "Your Happy Home Solutions"

Bethany Clayton

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